Build-on-Site Guidelines

  1. Build-On-Site are not eligible for the rent-to-own program and require 50% down.
  2. Build-On-Site have a 10% extra charge paid directly to the builder, due upon his arrival to the job site.
  3. All balances and fees are to be paid when the BOS builder arrives to the job, prior to unloading of any material.
  4. The footprint of the shed must be within 3’ of level to proceed with the job. If the job site is not level, talk to the builder about the amount of blocks (supplied by the customer) that will be needed.
  5. There must be 3’ of space all around the shed that is level for the builder to build the shed. NO SHED CAN BE BUILT CLOSER THAN 3’ TO FENCES, BUILDINGS, TREES OR OTHER OBJECTS.
  6. The builder needs to get a 1 ton truck and a 30’ trailer within 300 feet of where the building will be built. There must be safe, legal parking. There must be a corridor 4’ wide and 8’ tall to get material to the job site.
  7. There must be an adequate power source to run tools.
  8. Buildings are unpainted & unsealed. Buildings will need to be painted or water sealed by the customer after construction.